Posted on Sep 04, 2016
Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA)

The Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) is a challenging 7 day programme which provides a unique opportunity for leadership skills development. Rotary is seeking young people between the ages of 18 and 28 who have the talent, energy and motivation to discover their leadership potential!.
    RYLA is for young adults with proven leadership experience and potential leaders from diverse backgrounds. Whether they are a secondary school student, university student, or young professional, RYLA provides a unique opportunity to learn, grow, have fun, and make new friends. The RYLA experience prepares young people to be leaders in their community, profession, and other facets of everyday life.

    The seminar program has a strong focus on personal and leadership development. It will assist participants to become aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, to understand the basics of leadership and to apply this knowledge to develop their leadership capabilities.  

    Who should attend?
    RYLA provides a broad range of experiences to rapidly assist your personal growth. RYLA graduates are able to: ·      
    • Define their personal values and ambitions more clearly,     

    • Promote themselves, their ideas, and their values more effectively,      

    • Inspire themselves and others to achieve goals, and

    • Are empowered to contribute more fully to their work, social, and/or other communities.

      RYLA provides a fun and stimulating environment. It's a place for them to try new things, make new friends, learn about themselves and others - and have fun
    • What does RYLA offer?
    • Gain practical experience across a range of focus areas, ·     

    • Further their knowledge and skills in leadership, ·     

    • Network with other like-minded young people, ·     

    • Participate in adventurous physical activities and team exercises, and ·     

    • Challenge their mental toughness and critical thinking.

      What will they do?
    • Leadership ·     

    • Self-Awareness ·     

    • Communication ·     

    • Public Speaking ·     

    • Goal Setting ·     

    • Problem Solving ·     

    • Time Management ·     

    • Team Work ·     

    • Small Group Dynamics ·     

    • Motivation

      Camp Details
    • Dates: Saturday 14th January 2017 - Saturday 21st January 2017

    • Location: Baptist Serpentine Camping Centre, 22 Transit Road, Jarrahdale

    • Applications Close 30 November 2016

      How much does it cost?
    • The costs for next January's seminar have not yet been finalised. However previously costs have been in the order of $170 from applicant and $710 from the sponsoring Rotary Club.

    • Clubs will be asked to provide payment with the Nomination form. In the event that a nomination is not accepted, the Committee will advise the nominated contact and either ask for the club to sponsor a successful nominee from elsewhere, or refund the payment. ·