Posted on Aug 09, 2016
True Blue Dreaming,,  is committed to supporting and strengthening young lives in rural and remote communities. It is a youth and community development mentoring program engaging young people aged 12-18 in rural and remote Australia.
Their programs have been successfully delivered in the Wheatbelt, Kimberley and Pilbara regions of Western Australia since 2004. True Blue Dreaming Inc. is a registered not for profit charity.
Applecross Rotary has donated to True Blue Dreaming Inc. to support ongoing mentoring programs in the WA wheatbelt towns of Bruce Rock and Wyalkatchem for 12 months. These programs provide one on one mentoring of young secondary school students in these towns by University students, mostly from Perth, to expand the students educational and aspirational horizons. The funding will cover some of the costs of mentors travel to the towns and of mentees visits to Perth institutions. These are established programs with strong anecdotal evidence of the benefits to the mentees. The programs are strongly supported by the mentees schools.
The mentors typically are University students often from a rural background. The mentoring programs are based on a 12-month contract between participants. Mentoring has been shown to raise school attendance and completion, support transition from school to further training and employment and to help young people to feel better connected to their school and their peers and generally raise their self-esteem.