Posted on May 05, 2017


It’s no secret that Applecross’ foreshore one of the best in Perth – plenty of open space, a stunning backdrop and a vibrant hub of independent cafes and shops just a stone’s throw away. Incredible as it is, we think it’s missing something, and that’s a focal point.

Applecross Rotary is hoping to secure funds from this round of Robin Hood funding to create a gazebo structure on the grassed area near the iconic Applecross Jetty. This gazebo – our community’s gazebo – could serve as a place for small gatherings, weddings, birthday parties, meetup groups, even perhaps a regular yoga class once it’s built. And of course, it will be a place where dog walkers, cyclists and visitors to the area can shelter out of the sun and enjoy the natural beauty that’s in abundance.
Perhaps most important is the fact that Applecross Rotary doesn’t want to just build the structure for the community, we want to get the community involved too! We’re looking to, where possible, include activities such as mosaic workshops for young and older residents to introduce more colourful and interesting feature on the floor; and running foreshore busy bees where we can reward participants with a Rotary-funded sausage sizzle. We’re pretty sure people like the idea of a gazebo– we surveyed more than 150 people, and almost everyone was in favour of something that would bring some extra shade to this much-loved foreshore area.
If successful we intend to supplement the funds from the City of Melville with our own fundraising efforts to ensure this gazebo is worthy of its stunning riverfront location.
We value your consideration – should you require more information before placing your vote, or want to get involved at any stage, please email
Project Robin Hood 2017 is a participatory budgeting project, run by the City of Melville, where the community decides what to do with $100,000 (provided by the City of Melville) to be split into grants of $1,000 to $20,000. The City of Melville will provide a grant only, with grant recipients to manage their own projects.
You can go to this website to find out more and vote on the projects.